Oh No! I’ve Been Spotted!

My face is on the front of our local newspaper!

The Local Newspaper Front Page

A BLACK panther-like animal has been spotted prowling across a road by a schoolgirl.
Sally Bolton (15) said she saw a feline creature the size of a labrador.

I should probably stay a little closer to home, I hope I didn’t scare them!

I must say it is a rather nice picture of me on the front but it’s spoilt by the woman and her binoculars.

“We stopped the car in astonishment to see a large black cat staring back at us.

“As the headlights shone on the animal my mum noticed its green eyes shining back at us.

“It was much bigger than a fox – about the size of a labrador – but with a cat-like face and a much more muscly figure.

“We both knew that this animal was not a domestic cat.

“Its tail was long, black, thin and rounded at the tip.”


The Cat That Came In From The Cold – Deric Longden

I received this book from my parents as a birthday present, and as the busy person I am I don’t have much time for reading, but I always managed to read a couple of chapters here and there. It is such a great read for cat and dog lovers!

When Deric Longden saw Thermal the kitten sitting forlorn on a bucket in the rain it seemed only right to take him in.

Soon Thermal had captured the hearts of Deric and his wife Aileen and they couldn’t imagine life without him.It seemed only right that Thermal’s finicky eating habits should be indulged, and his strange and unstinting passions for a fax machine and a withered sultana adhered to and Deric himself wondered what he did before his comprehensive and often philosophical conversations with Thermal became such a valuable and important part of his day.

Told in Deric’s inimitable style, this is the charming story of how a little white cat wove his spell on a self-confessed dog lover and how the Longden’s family of furry felines grew and grew…

I honestly chuckled to myself many a time as Deric, Thermal and his sultana, Ralph, had some great “conversations”. And Thermal gets into mischief, my favourite being the damson wine escapade.

A great read, that I would recommend to anyone, even my friends that aren’t fans of animals. I could see them coming home with a cat or two after they’ve finished reading it!